The first Tour for 2018 is May (11th at 2.30 pm -13th at 4.00 pm) to the picturesque Glenn Helen area,  "The Power Of Water and the Colour Blue"

The second one is June (15th at 2.30 - 18th at 4.00 pm) to the stunning areas of  Standley Chasm, ,Gemtree and more. "Earth and Gemstone Journey"  

The third  tour is July  (27th at 2.30 - 29th at 4pm) to some spectacular scenery eg   Trephina Gorge, The Sphinx."Creating with the Wind and Relaxing with the Breath."

The final tour for the year is in August (31st at 2.30 - Sept 2nd at 4.00 pm) to the stunning Ooraminna which also has an active film set, as well as the powerful  Rainbow Valley. "Painting With Fire"

Kerrieanne runs fantastic Crystal Tours in the Mecca of Crystal Land in this beautiful Red Centre Quote: Robert Gates 2016


Tour 1 - The Magic Of Water and The Colour Blue - Glen Helen - May 11, 2018

This journey is West of Alice Springs. It's in the beautiful West MacDonnell Ranges with the renowned Finke River, one of the Oldest Recorded river systems .

Use crystals, water and the colour blue to help strengthen your communication. Write, sing, dance or be still. Express in your own unique way and enjoy.

2 nights accommodation included. All resources and food supplied. Receive some complimentary crystals. Please see attached flyer for pricing.

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Tour 2 - Earth and Gemstone Journey - Gemtree and more - Jun 15, 2018

 A unique experience, which will include 3 nights away. Find glittering garnets at Gemtree. See and study the stunning stars at the amazing Standley Chasm and more. Learn how to use crystal  energy and the land to listen and be inspired. 3 nights accommodation, all travel, resources and food provided. Take home some complimentary crystals.  Please go to attached flyer for pricing.

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Tour 3 - Creating with the Wind, Relaxing with the Breath - N'Dhala Gorge - Jul 27, 2018

Journey East of Alice visiting some spectacular Gorges, including Trephina and N'Dhala Gorges. These natural backdrops will be where some Meditation, Chi gong and Creativity will occur. Stay at the beautiful Ross River Resort in their charming cabins. 2 nights accommodation, resources and food supplied. Take home some crystals and samples of your own wind inspired creations. Please see attached flyer for pricing.

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Tour 4 - Painting With Fire - Ooraminna - Aug 31, 2018

Fancy an art experience with silk, fire and crystals in the Red Centre of Australia?  Witness amazing scenery at Ooraminna ( including an operational movie set), south of Alice. Let nature and crystals guide your emotions and use of colour.  2 nights accommodation, food and resources supplied. Also visit the unique Rainbow Valley Take home your silk works and some complimentary crystals. Please follow the flyer link for pricing.

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