Do you feel lost and stuck
Would you like to know what's
happening in your life right now
Discover the power of Crystals.
Come on a magical journey
with Kerrieanne and
her Crystal Readings.



Kerrieanne Holani and her Crystals provide a unique format for their readings. People select a particular layout depending on their needs. They also get to choose a crystal to go on each disc. Kerrieanne then discusses the relevance of all this. The crystals reveal personal images and she relays what she sees. Very accurate and exciting.

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Kerrieanne has 25 years teaching experience, and has always been into relaxation, creativity, nature, exercise, dance and crystals. Since 2000, she has practised Chi Gong, Meditation, and energy work. Living in Alice Springs since 2012. Kerrieanne works with Indigenous Elders. She also teaches sewing to Indigenous women and mentors Indigenous trainee teachers.. Kerrieanne has facilitated Crystal Workshops and Meditations. She would like to share her skills and knowledge with you.


Judy PYKE from Victoria

My adventure with Crystal Journeys was totally fantastic, I felt calm, relaxed and nurtured. The whole weekend was organised and thoughtfully planned to ensure the best possible experience. It is a very long time since I have felt so pampered. The weekend was also incredibly good value for money....

...several meditation sessions,fun art activities and daily qui gong sessions.

Best Wishes, Judy Pyke

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