Crystal Reading Testimonials

A beautiful reading. Just what I needed to hear. Loved it. Jazmine C

It was great! ML

Felt really relaxed, I loved the reading, I’ll be back. Robyn P

Nailed it. So many things that were said are so true. Lyn B

A lot of touching on the truth. Thank you very much. Alison D

Crystal Journeys

 Judy Pyke from Victoria

My adventure with Crystal Journeys was totally fantastic, I felt calm, relaxed and nurtured after my 3 beautiful days with Kerrianne and Robert. What could be better than meditating, while lying on a huge rock in the shade of a majestic gorge, accompanied by a didgerredoo!!!! It was absolutely blissful.The whole weekend was organised and thoughtfully planned to ensure the best possible experience, beginning with a beautiful welcome to country smoking ceremony, followed by sunset photo shoots, delicious dinners and picnic hampers at our great bush 5star accommodation and visits to stunning N’Dalia and Trephina Gorges and Corroboree Rock, as well as several meditation sessions,fun art activities and daily qui goong sessions.

 Kerrieanne’s knowledge and understanding of crystals and the chrakras was fantastic, she was confident, thoughtful and sensitive in all of her presentations. While Robert willingly shared his extensive knowledge of local fauna and flora and his many funny stories from his  years of experience in the tourist industry.

It is a very long time since I have felt so pampered, I slept like a baby and returned to Alice Springs with a new sense of total well-being and re-juvenation. The whole weekend was a new and exciting adventure for me and a perfect introduction to life in the magnificent outback of central Australia. The weekend was also incredibly good value for money. I have only the highest praise  for Kerrieanne and wish her every success with her exiting new venture. 

Thank You Kerrieanne

Susan Purdon from Tasmaia

Travel with Kerrieanne included: great information, heart-expanding experiences at beautiful (sacred) sites, discovering soul mates and even surprise shopping. Her itinerary was flexible which was a blessing considering the unexpected rain. This was a “gem” of an outback tour.

 Robert Gates from Alice Springs 

” I attend Sunday morning Chi Gong in Alice Springs, where Kerrieanne is one of the facilitators. Kerrieanne has introduced White Crane Chi Gong which adds a different, more structured style. Its concentration on the deep breathing and movement together, has been oh, so beneficial. I always finish feeling so much more relaxed, with a positive attitude for the day. Amazingly this is a free service!!!”

Living in Alice Springs I have attended Kerrieanne’s Meditative evenings on a regular basis and found them to be very enjoyable, calming and insightful.

Kerrieanne always makes one feel comfortable from the moment one begins with comfortable surroundings a warm environment and calming voice that will gently relax and take you into a meditative state of mind. One feels safely guided, relaxed and clearer. Kerrieanne gives participants the opportunity to express anything that may have come up during the meditation. I always leave feeling calm and relaxed and reinvigorated.

Peter English from Alice Springs

Catherine Salter from Tucabia N.S.W

In August 2014 I was fortunate to be able to participate in an outback spiritual journey near Alice Springs  NT with some wonderful people including Kerrianne Holani. As one of the organisers of this event Kerrieanne’s energy, focus and person centered approach was rather inspirational. I came away with a treasure trove of memories that I have for keeps. It’s exciting news to hear that Kerrieanne continues to soar in the spiritual heart of Australia in a field that she is completely in tune with. I wish her well in her new venture.”

Many thanks Kerrieanne for your teachings at Chi Gong on Sunday mornings, and the Guided Meditations.
It has been invaluable to me in my private life and also in the workplace.
You have taught me so much in the last four years, may we have many more to come.
With much appreciation,
Marlene Waugh.from Alice Springs

Kerrieanne worked in my Healing Centre facilitating crystal workshops. Her knowledge and understanding of their energies was very comprehensive and her ability to teach this understanding to others was empowering for them.

Kerrieanne’s other meduim was Heart Resonance energy, allowing her to bring other energies into this higher vibration and blockages were removed.

I have every confidence that Kerrieanne’s new venture will be will be nuturing, healing and a wonderful experience for anyone who takes the step to a new understanding of themselves.

Margaret Stehenson owner of Krystal Kolours, Coffs Harbour N.S.W

Sandy Dawson from Kiama NSW

. It’s my great pleasure to say the following about my friend Kerrieanne. I’ve known Kerrieanne since High School! Even then she was dedicated as a student, a great organiser and communicator! She was School Captain of Oxley High in 1976 , so already a role model and leader! Fast forward to now. Kerrieanne has 25 years of full time teaching experience. This is reflected in her good preparation and organisational skills. In the alternate modalities, Kerrieanne has a lovely relaxing style with her Meditations and Chi Gong. She also has an extensive creative flair, as well as her strong connection to nature and training in Crystals and Energy. Knowing Kerrieanne , I totally recommend her Crystal Journeys NT tours and workshops ( based around Alice Springs) Her clients will be guaranteed to receive a quality packed, fun , memorable and even life changing experience! 

Evelyn Dunning from Woolgoolga N.S.W.

I have known Kerrieanne for over 30 years, and during that time she has been a work colleague, a wonderful friend and an extended family member. In the 1980’s we taught together and shared an office at Moree High School. She was always well organised and dedicated in her work. Kerrieanne is an extremely honest, kind, reliable and supportive person, and she has often visited and stayed with my family. My children adore her because she shows interest, talent and curiosity in many areas. She also knows a lot about Crystals and Energy, and has used them in her life, and my family’s life for the last 3 decades. At times I thought some of her ideas were a little ’ out there’ but then they became quickly mainstream! For example the use and benefits of spirilina and bitter green vegetables. I have no hesitation recommending Kerrieanne’s Crystal Journeys NT business where you will enjoy a top quality, jam packed, creative and memorable holiday - with a difference! Even longer! 

Subject: Re: Testimonial for Kerrieanne

I have been a client & associate of Kerrieanne for the last 15 yrs. I’ve always found her crystal work to be both profound & effective. She has the ability to get to the heart of the problem & to select the most beneficial crystals to effectively help an individual’s healing. She has extensive knowledge about crystals & is very knowledgeable about the Esoteric arts. I would not hesitate to recommend her work. I’ve also travelled Australia with Kerrieanne & have seen how she intuitively knows just where crystal energy can be most effectively used to clear negative energies & introduce positive energy into the landscape. She is a joy to work & travel with, I have many positive memories of our time spent together doing both personal healing & landscape balancing. I wish her well in all her future endeavours. Tamayra Hayman (Teacher & Songline co-ordinator)