Crystal Readings

This is a unique technique where I use mostly local Northern Territory crystals.

 People select a format based on different tarot layouts. Then they get to choose a crystal to place on each individual position in the layout.  I then read and interpret  each position and  each related crystal . Finally I hold each crystal and it reveals images to me that I share with each client.

It’s about the crystals and I working together to give people hope and incite into the progress of their lives. Crystal Readings are now available on Skype. As I have discovered, people don’t necessarily have to be physically present for the process to be effective. 

The feedback from my clients has been amazing.  

Anyone local can catch me at the Todd Mall markets on Sundays in Alice Springs. Otherwise, outside these times, I also take private bookings in a very special space created here at home.  You can contact me by phone on 0409 906 136. And now Skype. 

It was great! ML

A lot of touching on the truth. Thank you very much. Alison D

Felt really relaxed, I loved the reading, I’ll be back. Robyn P

A beautiful reading. Just what I needed to hear. Loved it. Jazmine C

Nailed it. So many things that were said are so true. Lyn B

It was awesome. Sandi H

Fantastic. I felt a real connection there. Raelene S

The reading for every crystal was correct. Spot on! Zsang

That was lovely. Belinda S

Absolutely spot on. Eunice

Fantastic! Thank you very much. Coral

Really insightful and accurate. Erin T