Crystal Dreamcatcher workshop. This is a unique opportunity to come and utilise beautiful raw crystals mostly from the central desert of the Northern Territory to create your own crystal dreamcatcher. Each one can be made for a specific purpose like improved sleep, love, balance, harmony, strength or better health. Whatever you desire.

Next Workshop is yet to be finalised. All materials and equipment is supplied including nibbles and tea and coffee. However, please bring your own lunch. To cater for individual needs I like to limit the number to a maximum of 8 people. This keeps it personal and allows for our own comfort.

Below are just a few examples of dreamcatchers already created

Book to reserve a spot. Cost is $80. Contact Kerrieanne on 0409 906 136

Garnet and Amethyst - Grounding and Calming 

Good for people who are always thinking and have difficulty relaxing

Garnets are the red crystals on the right. Amethysts are the purple ones on the left. Both of these are the raw unpolished versions straight from the earth. Some of these have been fossicked by us in the central desert of the Northern Territory of Australia 

Rose Quartz and Unakite - Unconditional Love.

Rose Quartz teaches us to love ourselves first warts and all. Unakite is about love in relationships and for couples. It  also builds a special bond between mother and new born child

Rose Quartz are the pink crystals and Unakite are the green and pink crystals. Unakite are unique because they have both colours that represent the colours of the heart.

The first dreamcatcher consists of Kyanite (darker blue) and Clear Quartz. This is to improve your communication and connection to your higher or inner self. The second dreamcatcher has  Kyanite and Carnelian (orange). This assists with  connecting to your dreams and also having the courage and inner strength  to speak your truth.