My Story

Kerrieanne's story and the origins of Crystal Journeys NT

This is My Story

My name is Kerrieanne Holani and I live in beautiful Central Australia. This is a very powerful place to be. It’s like the country gets into your blood. Who’d have thought 10 years ago that I would be here (coming from the East Coast of NSW), let alone running my own tours. Ha!

 My aim is to get people to step off the fast roller coaster of life / work and to stop and smell the roses. I would like people to reconnect to their to fun side and play, breathe, stretch, dance, write, paint, rediscover themselves laugh, and just enjoy. I do this because I want to help.

Originally, I’m country born and bred, Tamworth  NSW. My interest in Crystals probably started when we lived in Glen Innes  when I was 11 and 12. Fossicking for Sapphires was so exciting!!

In Alice Springs, from 2012

 I have:

 *  Run Crystal Workshops

 *  Lead regular group meditations

 *  Helped facilitate complimentary Chi Gong lessons

 *  Volunteered for 3 years part time at a not for profit Relaxation and Cultural facility 

 *  Tutored students part time, at the School of the Air and at the Batchelor Institute, where I worked with Indigenous trainee teachers

 *  Taught sewing part time, for four years, at an Indigenous Alcohol Preventative Unit  

 *  Been doing Crystal Readings at the markets

 *  Begun Crystal Healing work again 

From 2000 on I began learning more about Wellbeing of the Body, Mind and Spirit and related modalities. Such things as

White Crane Chi Gong’

 Medititation Techniques

Finishing an” Advanced Crystal Healing Course”

 A Massage Course

Completing an Energy transference course called ‘Heart Resonance’ (like Reikki)

From 1984 - 2009

 Lets not forget my 25 years of Teaching 6 years of High School at Moree High.The rest Infants and Primary teaching around Grafton / Coffs Harbour / Woolgoolga areas.

From 2009 on I travelled on three spiritual trips throughout the world.

To Peru , The Andes, Machu Picchu , Bolivia and Lake Titikaka.

To England, Ireland , Findhorn in Nth Scotland and then Egypt !!

To the Nth and Sth Islands of New Zealand.

I also began working in ‘Krystal Kolours’ shop in Coffs Harbour

From this foundation I have progressed to share my wisdom and knowledge with others to enhance their creativity and enjoyment  through my tours ’Crystal Journeys NT’.

All Photographs for this website by: Robert Gates, Fred Richardson and Patricia Rademaker. Many thanks.